GetHashCode() on a 32-bit vs a 64-bit platform

If you compile your .NET application with the standard “Any CPU” option, it will run as a 32-bit process on a 32-bit OS and as a 64-bit process on a 64-bis process.

When you use GetHashCode() the generated hashes on the 32-bit platform will differ from the hashes on the 64-bit platform…

The solution is either to not use the GetHashCode() the way you do it, or if you can’t change the way your program works you can run it in 32-bit mode by setting the 32-bit flag in the executable’s headers using CorFlags.exe.

Set the 32-bit flag:CorFlags.exe YourApplication.exe /32BIT+

Remove the 32-bit flag:CorFlags.exe YourApplication.exe /32BIT-

More info about CoreFlags.exe on MSDN:

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